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THURSDAY, 1/30 at 6:30PM at Prime Produce NYC

Inspirate Creative Official Launch EVENT

Do you have a creative project you've been dying to get off the ground? Are you looking for an artistic collaborator or seeking creative opportunities? Do you long for a creative outlet or to find your creative community?

You're not going to want to miss Inspirate Creative's Official Launch Event! The goal is to connect like-minded creative people and help YOU bring your creative projects into reality.

Writers, Directors, Actors, Filmmakers, Choreographers, Visual Artists, Dancers, Musicians - come meet your new creative community and start building purposeful, productive, creative relationships. If you're looking to make art in 2020 (and beyond), this event is for you!

Event starts at 6:30pm (you'll get the most out of it, if you arrive on-time!). Tickets are $10 and include light snacks and refreshments.

Welcome to the Inspirate Creative Community!



Director and Producer

"Jessica’s dramaturgical skills were an integral part of helping me develop and structure my musical.


She was able to sift through pages of research and information to help me find the heart of my story. Jessica’s producing expertise guided through the process and helped me avoid some newbie mistakes.


She is direct and honest in her critique while having compassion and kindness for the creative process.”


Writer and Performer

"When I asked Jessica Wu if she would direct my musical, she went above and beyond. 


My show went through a huge transformation and the book ended up being clearer and had more of an arc. The show is now in great shape to for a production. It would not have been the same without her.


I have so much thanks to give for her time, vision, energy and fierce leadership."


Artist and Social Entrepreneur

"Jessica's creativity and ability for storytelling in so many different medium really drew me to work with her.


While the entertainment and art world can be so 'right-brain' oriented, Jess really helped me to get to tangible steps to take and specific resources to look into.


Even in those conversations, she speaks the artists's language so that I could understand easily. She created that safe container for me." 

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