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"Your story and how you tell it has no choice but to be unique."

So, how does this work?

What does a Creativity Coach do?

In a nutshell: I help.

I help my clients with every aspect of their creative lives – from the practical ("I don’t have enough time in my day to audition"), to the psychological ("what’s with my writer’s block"), emotional ("I’m angry at my partner for not supporting me"), and existential problems ("why am I putting all my life-energy into a music career when the world is ending") so many artists encounter.

Nearly all artists face dissatisfaction in their creative work, creative lives, and creative careers. The good news is you don’t have to! I'm here to help.

New-Works Development Consultant

Who needs a New-Works Development Consultant?

The writing process is often solitary, alienating, and downright lonely. But seeking outside guidance and support can be tricky.

I’ve been around the block working with other directors and development professionals. Unfortunately, an unproductive practice I’ve seen nearly across-the-board is development with an outside agenda and not-in-service of the primary creative’s vision. Too often, this is the result of collaborators’ egos and personal motivations acting in disregard of the writer’s intentions.

My coaching objective is to be an advocate and amplifier for your voice, without ulterior motive or ego. Together, we'll dive deep into your written work focusing on consistency of voice, dramatic structural integrity, and accountability to your creative intentions.

The goal of Inspirate Creative – my goal – is to act as a development guide to you, the artist, so your own behavior and creative practice are in service to your singular brand of storytelling.

So, how does this work?

Wherever you are on your creative path, Inspirate Creative offers a variety of coaching, consulting, and development packages to fit your needs.

No matter which package you choose, Inspirate Creative takes pride in its guiding principles.


Together, we’ll tackle your creative obstacles and identify your authentic creative voice. I’ll ask the hard questions and, through purposeful collaboration, we’ll explore your intentions and your work through the lens of consistency and accountability to your singular style.


Beyond the minutiae, we’ll look to the big picture – your wishlist and wildest dreams. From those, we'll set realistic short-term goals to get those big dreams within arms reach.


After each session, you will receive an audio recording and an interactive document with notes detailing our work together, your takeaways, and potential next steps for your creative journey. I want to provide you with a development action plan, feedback you can actually build upon, and creative accountability.


Creating is not easy and putting your art out into the tangible world requires a huge amount of bravery. I believe in your work and I respect your creative voice. They both deserve to be realized to their fullest potential. Letting someone into your creative life is scary and I thank you for trusting me.

Let's do it!

Ready to schedule a session?

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