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Poupelle wide.png

Music by Ko Tanaka

English Book and Lyrics by Jessica Wu

Based on the bestselling picture book, animated film, and Japanese stage play "Poupelle of Chimney Town" by Akihiro Nishino

In grimy Chimney Town, with its sky obscured by thick, grey smoke, nobody bothers to look up anymore. Nobody, that is, except for Lubicchi – a dreamy-eyed young boy who yearns to see the stars he's only heard about in stories told to him by his father. One night, a chance encounter with Poupelle – a monster made entirely of garbage – sparks an epic adventure as this unlikely duo sets off to find clarity in a world too often obscured. 

- Tier 2 Broadway Development Workshop, January 2024 | New York, NY
- Tier 2 Off-Broadway Development Workshop, September 2022 | New York. NY
- 29-Hour Reading with video capture, June 2022 | New York, NY
- International Virtual Theatrical Presentation, September 2020 | Japan & US


- Upcoming Production, August 2025 | Tokyo, Japan 
- YES Theatre, December 2022 | Osaka, Japan
- Tokyo Kinema Club Theatre, November 2021 | Tokyo, Japan

*Japanese production photos courtesy of Entertainment Lab

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