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"The creative process doesn't have to be a lonely one."

Hi. I'm Jess.

Hi. I'm Jess.


After 20 years of working as a performer and creator in the entertainment industry (you can check out my bio HERE), I realized my passion...

More than writing, directing, dancing, or producing my own projects – I love helping other creatives find their voice. 

In these past 2 decades, I’ve worked with a lot of creative people, on a lot of creative endeavors, in a lot of different stages of creative development. I’ve witnessed some incredible successes, but I’ve also seen innovative concepts fail to launch and brilliant ideas buried in mundane works.

I can 100% say: the most successful artists I’ve met are those who are truest to their own voice and the story they have to tell. 

While this may seem simple to the non-artist – believe me, I know from first-hand experience how impossible it can be with hundreds of other people’s influences, opinions and demands (not to mention your own hyperactive ideas and intense self-doubt) swirling around you. 

And, even though it is more-than-often single-minded, lonely work – I sincerely believe you shouldn’t have to be on that creative journey alone. 

That’s where I come in.

Through open-hearted collaboration, we can work together to help you and your work soar. 

I'm here to amplify your creativity and I can’t wait to connect with you.


Five Things About Me:


1. I am a member of the CCA (Creativity Coaching Association)

2. I’m an addicted Jeopardy viewer

3. I’m Canadian and not sorry about it

4. My dog’s middle name is Confucius

5. Ravenclaw

Who do I work with?

My primary clients are individuals in the entertainment industry – writers, directors, choreographers, actors, composers – whose work is usually based in solo creativity. But, I've also helped artists launch their own small businesses, mentored arts companies through transitional phases of growth, and counseled teams of creatives through collaborative projects.


If you, your team, or your company are looking for creative clarity and responsible development, Inspirate Creative is right for you.

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