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"Everything is storytelling and you are the storyteller."

Why I started Inspirate

Why I started Inspirate...


There’s this illusion of a solo creative genius, tapping furiously away on their MacBook – churning out page after page of an opus. 

But if you’ve ever sat down in front of a blank page, you’ve experienced the loneliness of your own ideas, the frustration of trying to drag them outside of your own body, the paralysis of not being able to choose your next course of action. 


Rinse, wash, repeat for every new chapter, every subsequent scene, every next verse, chorus, design proposal, daunting audition, blank canvas, blog post, or big-business idea. The list goes on.

And what's even more dispiriting? 


The situation where you’ve finally conjured your dream into reality – and it's not workingBoth scenarios make you want to throw the doc (and occasionally, the laptop) in the trash, quit this seemingly hopeless endeavor, and forget you ever had a story to tell.



You had something to say, which is why you picked up the proverbial pen in the first place.


At some point, you had so much belief in yourself, your dream, your idea that – against your own better judgement and probably financial security – you sequestered yourself away from your loved ones for thousands of hours with the end goal of expressing this ineffable... something.


The creative process doesn't have to be a lonely one. I can help.

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