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transitive verb  |  in·​spi·​rate  |  \ ˈinzpəˌrāt 


archaic : INSPIRE


Latin inspiratus, past participle of inspirare to inspire, breathe into

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What is Inspirate Creative?

I am a hands-on creativity coach, consultant, and collaborative developer – your silent partner, vociferous cheerleader, and secret weapon. Consider me the sounding board to your creative career!


Why do you want to work with me?

Creating is hard work. We should treat it as such and afford ourselves the tools we need to succeed.

You can check out my work on Creative Coaching for Creative Professionals HERE as well as information regarding Consulting for New-Works Development HERE.


What’s the philosophy behind Inspirate Creative?

Whether it’s getting over a writer's block, unraveling the Gordion-knot of too-many-ideas, or figuring out those first little steps to making that big idea a reality – working together, I help you spark your own inspiration and identify tangible ways through the obstacles to your creativity.

Everything is storytelling and you are the storyteller. Your story and how you tell it has no choice but to be unique.

But I’ve worked with too many directors, producers, dramaturgs, and so-called "artist-mentors" whose version of guidance is to impose their ideas, their ego, upon your work. 

So, I’m here to help you find your voice. Not their voice. Not my voice. 


Your voice. 

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